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  • Encapsulated
    Easy, fast and healthy
    rehydration through superior technology
  • Fast, tasty and easy rehydration
    Our products rehydrates up to three time faster
    thanks to our Encapsulated Nano-Electrolyte™ technology, delivering an easy,healthy
    and tasty way of replenishing lost fluids and minerals.
  • We leverage our exclusive
    patented technological platform
    to develop particular products
    for the specific needs
    of each group and set of circumstances.

new technology

We leverage our exclusive patented rehydration technology of encapsulated nano-electrolytes™ to develop breakthrough products for the specific needs of particular groups at risk of dehydration.

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Our developments stem from our proprietary platform of encapsulating active ingredients with an innovative delivery mechanism to enhance pathways to superior solutions. Our fully patented technology has so many derivatives that our pipeline ranges from developments for diabetics to probiotics.

about us

Einsof Biohealth™ is a biotech company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel, proprietary therapies and OTC products.

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  • CEO.Gustavo SoussMr. Souss is a co-founder of Einsof Biohealth™, having taking the company since ideation to full products implementation and go to market.

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  • R&DA team of PhD's and passionate scientific experts in biotechnology and at the cutting edge of liposomal technology conduct all the research and product development.

  • Advisors and InvestorsEinsof Biohealth™ is a privately owned company founded primarily by one investor with large pharmaceutical background and experience in the nutritional business. The company is self-funded by a group of large and minor investors. The company also benefits from a group of experts and seasoned advisors.

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